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  • All project revisions

  • Your Goals are Our Priority

  • First-time customer discount

  • The Best Project Management

  • Script writing

  • Fast 6-1 week

  • No hidden fees, no surprises

  • Around-the-clock project management

  • Completely original animation

  • Your project done right the first time

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Up-To-Date Science


Each story we tell requires background research. We require clarity in each image and each image must represent the most up-to-date science.

Predictable Pricing

We use proven metrics to predict and maintain the scope of every project from script to screen, eliminating surprise overages.

Clear Communication


We maintain a direct line of communication between clients and creatives, maximizing efficiency; ensuring all questions are answered and all feedback is incorporated.

Any Timeline


Our unique production process allows us to fit almost any timeline--from 6 weeks to as little as 1 week.

Our custom animated videos cost $2800 - $25000 per minute. See the examples above for the various quality levels and their budgets. Our experienced team and one-of-a-kind process help us make the most of any budget. Our custom animations cover everything you need for final delivery, including a director, artists, animators, 1000s of voice options, 1000s of song and sound effect options, styleframes, storyboards, our expansive visual archive, and video ownership. At the end of the project, we hand over a polished animated video, ready for use on your website, meetings and conferences, social media, email newsletters, or TV spots. Fill out our form above or call (929) 397-2893 to reserve a team.

Script Writing

We have medical communication specialists and free script consulting and editing are included in our rates. We offer 2 meetings with a client-provided rough draft.

Need more help with your script? Our writing costs are $500 - Includes 2 meetings with a medical communication specialists, 2 drafts of the script (3 minutes or less). For needs extending beyond 3 minutes, the $500 package applies.

We also offer translation services for any language. Our animations have been translated into 50 languages and counting.


Our normal turnaround time is 5-6 weeks from initial script to finished product. Our production schedule can be expedited to meet almost any delivery timeline.

Week 1
Script review with producer

Week 2
Producer sends style frames

Week 3
Producer sends storyboard

Week 4
Show moving storyboard + Animation (work in progress)

Week 5
Final Animation is delivered!

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